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About Us

MISSION STATEMENT Sinte Gleska University of the Sicangu Oyate builds a healthy, resilient tribal nation through Wolakota, self-determination, lifelong learning and visionary leadership.​


VISION STATEMENT And the vision statement similarly describes lofty aspirations:SGU looks to strengthen the Sicangu Nation through higher education opportunities that promote indigenous models of teaching,research in tribal economic development and use of the Lakota language​


THE SGU BOOKSTORE has been a vital part of the student community and the Rosebud Reservation community for decades now. We are proud to finally be online to serve the world community!

The SGU Bookstore, besides stocking text books, sells arts and crafts materials and native American general interest books along with SGU Publication Books as well which include Lakota Star Knowledge, Lakota Ceremonial Songs by Albert White Hat and John Around Him, and Songs and Dances of the Lakota. 

The Bookstore Is Located On E. Hwy 18 in Mission, South Dakota
Please Call Us At 605-856-8221

Tanner Colombe: Bookstore Manager


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